The PDUX2B represents the latest advancements in microprocessor controlled power distribution systems. The PDUX range offers advanced features such as soft-starting power demanding components, Custom CAN configuration and real number (floating point) manipulation and comparison. Regarding power saving, the PDUX range has the ability to sleep and wake via CAN bus messaging or by using hardware pins including the ability to wake/sleep upon the triggering of certain user-specified sensor inputs. The PDUX2B comes equipped with 16 programmable outputs in total, including 4 extremely capable multifunction outputs which can be defined by the user to operate in either discreet high-side or low-side switching, low-side PWM, Half or Full bridge operation. These flexible outputs, as well as the PDU's 12 input channels and additional 2 low-side PWMs, can be used to expand and enhance the I/O configuration of any Life Racing ECU. A feature and build-time-choice option are available for an internal IMU and two-wire wheel speed interface respectively.

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  • Schematic based calibration including logic simulation and live monitoring
  • I/O slaving to an LR ECU
  • Low power state woken on physical input, CAN activity, or specific CAN frame


  • 16 main Power Outputs
    • 4 multifunction high side, low side, PWM, H-Bridge outputs (35A continuous, soft-start inrush limiting 35A)
    • 2 High Side outputs (35A continuous, hard-start inrush 60A)
    • 10 High Side outputs (12A continuous, hard-start inrush 17.5A)
    • Output teaming to support very high current devices
  • 2 Additional Low Side signal PWM Outputs
  • All outputs short circuit and thermally protected with multi-stage in-rush control
  • Combined diagnostic output with reset input
  • Up to 128 soft outputs via CAN


  • 12 physical switch inputs or, when slaved, general purpose analogue sensor inputs including:
    • 4x frequency measurement inputs
    • software selectable 3k ohm pull-up resistors
    • 4x inputs capable of programmable “wake up” functionality
  • Dedicated wake pin
  • Up to 128 soft inputs via CAN with configurable validation and debounce time


  • 2x 100Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet (can be used as Ethernet switch)
  • 3x CAN 2.0B
  • RS232C serial interface
  • LIN Bus

Power Supply

  • 6V to 20V input voltage (12V option)
  • 6V-30V input voltage (24V option)
  • Dedicated logic power input
  • Regulated 5V sensor supply output with short circuit protection


  • 1 Leavyseal connector with a total of 62 pins
  • Amphenol SurLok Power Stud
  • Machined Aluminium enclosure
  • 135x125x50mm (including connectors)
  • 750grams
  • Operating Temperature up to +85C

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