The PDU34 is our most advanced power distribution unit yet represents the latest advancements in microprocessor controlled power distribution systems. The PDU34 range offers advanced features such as the ability to sleep and wake via CAN bus messaging or by using hardware pins including the ability to wake/sleep upon the triggering of certain user-specified sensor inputs. The PDU34 comes equipped with an impressive 34 programmable outputs in total, including 10 extremely capable multifunction outputs which can be defined by the user to operate in either discreet high-side or low-side switching, low-side PWM, Half or Full bridge operation. These flexible outputs, as well as the PDU34's 16 input channels, can be used to augment the I/O compliment of any Life Racing ECU product connected using the powerful "slave-link" feature. 


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  • Microprocessor controlled power switching, monitoring and fusing unit
  • Fully configurable input to output schematic mapping with latch, flash, and logic functions
  • Fully configurable inrush current, high current and low current trips
  • Control and diagnostic communication with ecus, datalogging or telemetry equipment
  • Current monitoring on all outputs available on datastream or pc


  • 34 switched power outputs with individual trip configuration, fusing and alarms
  • Maximum current per output 30A continuous, 45A for transient conditions
  • 64 soft outputs via CAN


  • 16 voltage level inputs
  • 64 soft inputs via CAN with configurable validation time and debounce time

Fault Pin

  • Single pin fault indicator lamp output and reset input


  • Two port ethernet for PC configuration and monitoring connection
  • Two CAN 2.0B interfaces for communication with other controllers or logging systems
  • RS232 serial interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems

Power Supply

  • 6 to 26V or 10 to 36V input voltage range


  • 3 TE HDP connectors plus main power lug
  • CNC machined, ‘O’ ring sealed, anodised aluminium case
  • Operating Temperature -25 to +85C

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