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Life Racing's gearshift system allows fast and reliable gear changes without the need for lifting off the throttle or using the clutch whilst racing. This also allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel as gear shifting is requested via paddle switches. All associated parts have been specifically designed in house to cater for the needs of different model gearboxes.

This pneumatically operated gearshift system is designed for use with any sequential gearbox and consists of the following supplied parts:

  • Gearshift Actuator
  • Throttle Blipper
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Accumulator
  • Compressor
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Driver Paddle Switches
  • (plus other small accessories, wiring harness and pneumatic pipework / fittings)

The stroke of the gearshift actuator is ~30mm; an installation specific bracket is also supplied in order to mount the actuator to the gearbox casing. The maximum stroke of the throttle blipper is ~20mm.

The Life Racing GCU controls the actuator and associated components, when the driver requests a gearshift via the steering wheel mounted switches; the throttle blipper is actuated on downshifts, in order to equalise the gearbox shaft speeds during the change. On upshifts, engine power is cut momentarily, in order to remove loading from the dogs; the driver does not need to remove his foot from the throttle pedal.

All Life Racing ECUs are able to control both the engine and gearbox in most applications or can operate as a standalone gearshift controller (GCU), with appropriate interfaces to an existing engine ECU. The benefits over a manual gearshift system include:

  • Reduced gearshift time
  • Enhanced actuation consistency
  • Minimised driver effort and distraction
  • Gear ratio learning
  • Prevention of engine damage during downshifts
  • Minimise dog wear
  • Lightweight

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