The X10 provides cost effective input and output expansion to any Life Racing ECU. Its 10 analogue inputs, 10 PWM outputs and 2 full bridge outputs all appear simply as extra general-use pins within the ECU configuration. A dedicated low-latency protocol is used to allow functions such as drive by wire throttle control, wheelspeed frequency inputs for traction control or paddle shift gearbox control to be placed on X10 pins.

All of this hardware is packaged within a lightweight CNC billet aluminium case. Designed to be installed in harsh motorsport environments.

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  • Microprocessor controlled ECU expansion unit


  • 10 user configurable general purpose Pulse Width Modulated power outputs
  • 2 full bridges also configurable as 4 half bridges or 4 PWMs*

* Not all functions available simultaneously see relevant pinout documentation


  • 10 user configurable general purpose analogue sensor inputs, including up to 6 bipolar,
    inductive or hall effect speed / engine position inputs*

* Not all functions available simultaneously see relevant pinout documentation


  • 100MHz full duplex Ethernet for firmware upgrades
  • 1 dedicated CAN 2.0B interface for custom master/slave link to any Life Racing ECU
  • 1 CAN 2.0B interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems

Power Supply

  • 6 to 32V input voltage range with reverse polarity protection
  • 1 regulated 5V sensor supply output with individual short circuit protection
  • 1 protected sensor ground connection


  • 35 Way AMP sealed connector
  • CNC machined aluminium case sealed to IP67
  • Maximum dimensions including the connector 130 x 121 x 43 mm
  • Total mass is ~360 grams
  • Operating Temperature -25 to +85°C

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