F42 Series

*F42D Expected Release Q1 2017*

The F42 series ECUs are powerful yet compact units with all of the same LR features used on our existing families. Designed specifically where cost is paramount, this ECU can control engines from one to eight cylinders. A full range of Life Racing control strategies are provided including powerful data-logging and software for most engines including normally aspirated and turbocharged applications. The F42 is a total rework and uses a newer generation of processor ensuring code execution and position tracking remain priority.

The F42 is designed to control engines including, turbocharged, supercharged, vvt, vtec, nitrous, water injection and many more.

All of this hardware is packaged within a lightweight CNC billet aluminium case. Designed to be installed in the harsh environments.

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  • Powerful RISC CPU for advanced strategy execution
  • Integrated engine position tracking and output diagnostics


  • 14 user configurable general purpose Pulse Width Modulated power outputs, including:
  • 4 ignition coil outputs IGBT or TTL (Software configurable)
  • 10 general PWM/Port injector outputs


  • 7 user configurable general purpose analogue sensor inputs, including 4 bipolar, inductive or hall effect speed / engine position inputs
  • 4 dedicated inputs, including:
  • 2 crank/camshaft position sensors
  • 1 dedicated Wideband (NTK) lambda sensor interface
  • 1 K-type thermocouple sensor interfaces


  • 100 MHz full duplex Ethernet for calibration, configuration and data download
  • CAN 2.0B interfaces for communication with other controllers or logging systems
  • RS232 serial interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems


  • Up to 2MB internal logging memory
  • Ultra-Fast data download via Ethernet
  • Time/Date stamped data via real time clock

Power Supply

  • 6 to 36V input voltage range with reverse polarity protection
  • 1 regulated 5V sensor supply output with individual short circuit protection
  • Separately protected sensor and communication ground inputs


  • 50 way D-type connector
  • CNC machined black anodized aluminum case
  • Maximum dimension including the connector is 120mm x 118mm x 26mm
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C or +125°C[-HT]
  • Sealed to IP65 (when mated)
  • Total mass is 280 grams

Available Upgrade Features

  • Custom Security

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